We are a division of Cloudbase Engineering LLC which specializes in the design and manufacture of camera mounts for aircraft.  After spending time on this site, be sure to explore some of Cloudbase Engineering's mount offerings by clicking camera mounts above.  Also, there are many awesome videos well worth watching that were filmed using the mounts and submitted by happy customers.
Cloudbase Aviation was born with the desire to branch out into the area of aircraft design and manufacture.  To get things started, we purchased the rights to market, sell and build the Skylite Ultralight and Lil’ Bitts Biplane.  Both of which were designed by Ed Fisher and originally sold under the name Raceair.  The Skylite won Ultralight Grand Champion at Oshkosh in 1991 and Ed himself was inducted into the EAA homebuilder’s hall of fame in October 2011.  There are over 100 Skylight’s currently flying and a single flying copy of the Lil’ Bitts with a few more currently in the build process.  At this time only plans are available but sub assembly items are in the works.  The fuselage for the Skylite is nearly complete in Solidworks with plans to offer a pre-notched ready to weld tube kit.  Also rib kits will follow soon as well.  Similar work on the Lil Bitts sub-assemblies will follow.
In time our goal is to branch out to a few of our own designs as well.

The video below is an interview by Dan Johnson of Ed Fisher while attending the 2012 Oshkosh Air Venture.  There is quite a bit of info on both the Skylite and Lil' Bitts.  However being a legacy video from 2102, the contact info for the Skylite and Lil' Bitts is no longer valid.  Cloudbase Aviation is the current distributor of both designs.