How the Skylite Design got started ?

The Skylite was actually designed and built to satisfy a temporary need. I had a short term medical issue in the late 1980’s which I thought might curtail my flying for a few years. The solution…Design and build a 103 compliant Ultralight!! I had flown the prototype CGS Hawk Ultralight and that became my inspiration.

Completed in June of 1991, we had a machine that flew well right off the drawing board. Everyone who flew it loved it. We took it to the Oshkosh and I never thought it was a Grand Champion Contender, but – WE WON!! After Mary Jones wrote an excellent article about the Skylite for sport Aviation Magazine, the calls and letters flooded in. I drew the plans and the design became quite popular with the Homebuilders.

Years later the old #1 Skylite was sold and later was heavily damaged while in an enclosed trailer that flipped in a tornado.The Skylite was later repurchased in 2005 in terrible need of restoration. We took it to Florida, where I did a full restoration, including some new ribs, a spar, a wingtip, a rudder, and all new fabric with Butyrate Dope finish.A new Hirth F-33 was installed and that was the configuration it flew as in Florida. After selling the Hirth and relocating to South Carolina, the Skylite was re-fitted with a Rotax 277, as it had originally.  Today old #1 is approaching 600 hrs flying time, and is enjoying life in sunny South Carolina.


To order an aircraft plan  and designs , go to this link.

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