Fuel Stick Guide – Cessna Monarch Caps


Product Features:

  • 3D printed in Red PETG
  • References the top of the filler opening to hold stick perpendicular and centered in the opening while taking a fuel reading.  This will give you a more repeatable reading and very good to use when setting the K factor value if you have an engine monitor with fuel flow calibration.
  • Has flat sides so it will not roll off the wing when set down and also has clearance for fuel cap chains.
  • Impossible to drop the stick in the tank when the guide is attached.
  • Designed to be used with your existing Fuel Hawk Fuel stick for your airplanes tank configuration.
  • Please refer to pics showing visual differences between Monarch Caps, Raised Inlet Caps and Cessna Flush (Killer) Caps and verify yours match the version your buying.

Other Aircraft Compatibility:

  • Will also work with other aircraft that have a similar fuel filler inlet size to the Cessna raised cap inlet.  This is designed for a fuel filler opening that is 1.80″ in Diameter.
  • When used with other aircraft where Fuel Hawk does not already have a calibrated stick, you will need to buy the universal fuel stick and do your own level calculation or find existing calculations online.
  • Non Cessna aircraft known compatibility: TBD

Included with Purchase:

  • Fuel Guide 3D printed in Red PETG.
  • 2ea O-Rings used to keep Fuel Guide attached to the Fuel Hawk Fuel Stick.  Only one is needed and includes a spare.
  • 1ea Use and setup instructions

Shipping Fee: Flat rate same price for 1ea or multiples.

  • USA including Hawaii & Alaska: $5.00
  • Mexico & Canada: $25
  • Europe: $30
  • South America: $35
  • All other locations: Contact me prior to order for quote.

Introducing the Fuel Stick Guide for Cessna Monarch Caps—a must-have accessory for precise fuel readings! Crafted from durable Red PETG through advanced 3D printing technology, this guide ensures accurate measurements by referencing the filler opening’s top, holding the stick perpendicular and centered. The flat sides prevent accidental rolling off the wing, with built-in clearance for fuel cap chains. Forget the worry of dropping the stick into the tank—the guide guarantees a secure attachment.

Designed for compatibility with Fuel Hawk Fuel sticks tailored to your aircraft’s tank configuration, it’s a seamless addition to your toolkit. Not just limited to Cessna Monarch Caps, this guide caters to aircraft with similar 1.80″ diameter fuel filler inlets. For unmatched precision in fuel readings, choose the Fuel Stick Guide and elevate your flying experience. Please verify compatibility with Monarch Caps, Raised Inlet Caps, or Cessna Flush Caps before purchase.

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